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Young People’s Project Co-ordinator

Hollie Gazzard TrustThis post has been funded by ‘The Hollie Gazzard Trust’ to develop the Rae (Relationships. Advice. Education) programme. The co-ordinator liaises with schools and young people’s groups and projects to integrate healthy relationships workshops into them. If GDASS can raise awareness of abuse within relationships from an early age, we can start to prevent these relationships from happening.







Rae (Relationships. Advice. Education)


This programme has been developed by GDASS as a series of workshops that can be delivered to schools, youth groups, and community groups. The programme is aimed at those starting to embark on relationships. It works with groups of young people to identify abusive tactics and understand the differences between healthy and abusive relationships. These sessions can also be delivered as assemblies. This programme has been designed to run alongside the work already being delivered by schools in their PSHE sessions. It is intended to build upon, and compliment, what is already being taught in these classes.

RAE is supported by the Hollie Gazzard Trust.

The programme is designed to cover the following topics:

  • What is a healthy relationship
  • Spotting abusive behaviours
  • Understanding the context of domestic abuse
  • Identifying if your friends are experiencing domestic abuse and how to support them through it
  • Who to talk to/contact if you think you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse
  • Forced marriage and female genital mutilation

In some areas we have teamed up with GRASAC (Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Assault Centre) to cover the dynamics of sexual abuse in more detail and included discussions around sexual consent.

RAE can be delivered to any secondary school or youth club and can be tailored around the time available and the age and learning capabilities of the students or young people.

RAE is designed to compliment the existing curriculum around healthy relationships and should not be used in its place.

If you would like GDASS to come into your school to deliver programmes around healthy relationships, please contact the Young People’s Project Coordinator on 0845 602 9035, or email





CRUSH is a group work programme for 13-19 year olds who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse. The facilitators help build your understanding of abusive relationships and how this has, or may have, impacted on you. There is no cost to attend CRUSH.

Length: 10 weeks

Who can attend: boys and girls aged between 13 and 19 who have experienced, witnessed, or are affected by domestic abuse.

Course overview:

Originally created by West Mercia Women’s Aid, CRUSH is group work for young people to support them to develop healthy relationships and break the cycle of domestic abuse.

The purpose of CRUSH is to provide an awareness of what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship by following four characters throughout the ten-week programme.

The programme helps build confidence and social skills along with increasing a young person’s self awareness.

It is an interactive programme and this allows it to cater for the needs of the group and its individual members.

What about school/college?

GDASS will talk to your school to arrange for you to attend the group. Most of the time schools are happy for young people to come on the programme.

Where do you run CRUSH?

CRUSH moves around the county. Call us on 0845 602 9035 to ask about where the next programme is running.

How do I refer onto CRUSH?

If you call the GDASS helpdesk we can arrange with you to make a referral. Alternatively speak to a teacher, parent, or any professional you may be working with, about attending CRUSH. They can refer you on your behalf.

GDASS cannot guarantee that everyone who refers onto CRUSH can get a space because they are strictly limited. If we are unable to offer you a space on the next programme we will discuss what your options are and it might be that you can attend the following one.

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